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Why powdered face mask is the new wave

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Powdered face masks are just as they sound, a face mask composed of powdered or all dry ingredients. The great thing about powdered face mask is the user choose what they would like to mix it with. Some people face does well with yogurt, but as a seller it can be hard to preserve a mask with yogurt as the key ingredient. The same go for milk or fresh fruit. Powdered masks are able to last longer because dry ingredients can have a shelf life of over a year.

Wild Aroma CoConut Rose face mask is designed for all skin types to provide freshness, hydration, and clear pores. There are roses and oatmeal blended in the face mask for exfoliation. So there is no need to have two different mask for a different purpose. Our customers can still get there weekly face exfoliation treatment by simply scrubbing the product into skin. It's cost effective because it only takes about 1 tbsp per use. Its more bang for the buck, give it a try !!!



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