Diy Body Butter With Body Butter Base

This body butter base is useful for sellers, crafters, and gift-giving! The base can be used to make your own butter for your brand and choose your own scent and jars. It's also useful for anyone looking to experiment or give hand made gifts for baby shower, birthday, christmas, work event etc. The hard work is done for you so it's quick and easy! 


How To Use

Place body butter base in a mixer and add your favorite scent. Mix until mixture loosens and become slightly fluffy. You can choose to add color or keep the beautiful cream white color as it comes. Next just add it into jars. You can use a spoon, spatula, or pipe it for a more elegant appearance.



8 oz jar of ocean breeze body butter

8 oz jar of tropical body butter


Quick Tips

Using a stand mixer with a whisk will give the butter more volume than a hand mixer

The oil and butter is bonded together so if you add alot of extra oil or butter, you may ruin the product.

Fragrance oil shouldn't exceed 5% of product but check with manufacture for maximum percentage

Essential oils shouldn't exceed 2% of product but check with manufacture for maximum percentage

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